Brief History

The growth of the Christian Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative (CFMPC) is the result of visionary leadership, commitment and sacrifices. Inspired by the “mission” of Resources Employment and Community Horizons, Inc. (REACH Inc.), a Christian discipleship movement in Cabagan, the local ministry leaders conceived the organizing of a cooperative. Anchored from the following mission statement, “to develop disciples of Jesus Christ as whole persons and promote a contextualized holistic Christian discipleship in the developing world,” the CFMPC evolved to address the aspect of the total human development. Such addresses the physical, social, economic and spiritual aspects of life.  Although the CFMPC has yet to see its vision realized more vividly in the near future, its steadfast growth is remarkable and encouraging.

Initially, it was a corporate store of the local REACH lay-leaders aimed at providing access to Christian literatures, books, references, and Bible study materials for Christian values formation, and a store of basic commodities for household needs. The idea started as a mere sari-sari store with a start-up capital of P5,000.00 put-up by the REACH Inc. The growing population of Christian communities served by REACH encouraged the organization’s “Core” leaders to increase their resources and institutionalize their socio-economic assistance to the needy families thus, evolving into a cooperative- the then Christian Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative, Inc. (CFMPCI)

The CFMPCI was registered in December 19, 1991 under the Cooperatives Development Authority with Registration No. DAG-1644 with fifteen committed members and a start-up capital of Thirty Three Thousand pesos (P33,000.00) based from the original AC/CBL. The continuing desire of law-makers to improve national policy has resulted to the preparation and adoption of a new CDA Law which is known as the Cooperative Code of the Philippines of 2008 or RA 9520.With the evolving of new policies to adapt with changing paradigms, the CFMPC Inc. was re-registered at the CDA under the name “Christian Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative which removed the term incorporation. CFMPC was reaffirmed with Registration No. 9520-02003911 and corresponding Cooperative Identification No. 0105020079 in December 4, 2009.

The original membership was confined from among the “Born-Again” Christians. Associational membership became the common bond of membership for more than a decade. However, even with the expanding Christian communities and increasing membership as an effect of the active and infiltrative discipleship movement, growth in membership of the Coop remained slow due to stiff membership qualifications and standards imposed. But with the pressing logistical support and financial needs of CFMPC members, extended families and needy community residents, the BODs liberalized the policies to provide an avenue of services to the entire nominal Christian communities and even to those who belong to the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

The Coop maintained self-reliance and self-help principles in its operations. Capitalization depended mainly from the Capital Build-Up (CBU) of members. CFMPC service extended then was Consumers’ Store. The first Coop store was located at Mr. Manny Beltran’s residence until its transfer to the former Cabagan Public Market. With the construction of the new Cabagan Public Market in Barangay Ugad, the CFMPC management opted to occupy a stall to improve its services and operations. Key Officers and Management Staff (except for the Saleslady and Bookkeeper) served voluntarily during the first five years of operation.

The group was given different assistance by DA, DTI, NFA and the Provincial Government of Isabela which includes financial assistance and grants for local funds product development, grains retailing and trading projects.

At present, after two decades of mobilizing internal local funds and resources and by God's abundance and provision, the CFMPC was able to buy a lot and put up a building in Maharlika Highway, Ugad, Cabagan, Isabela where the office and the Consumer Store was located.

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