Position: Loan Officer

Job Description:

The Loan Officer shall provide for the management support in the valuation of collaterals used by borrowers. He shall evaluate the completeness of documents and ensures that such are up-to-date and incurs no encumbrances in whatsoever manner. He shall act as the liason in the processing of loans and in collecting repayments from borrowers.


1. Must be college level

2. 20 – 35 years old

3. A member and patronizes the services of the Coop

4. Patient and good recording ability

5. God-fearing and with good moral standing

6. Have knowledge in assessing and evaluating collaterals

7. Not related to the BOD to the 3rd degree of consanguinity and affinity

8. Preferably with experience in business management or related fields

9. With driver's license


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